Animal circuses – fun or frightening?

We all love animals, right?

That’s why we go to circuses, to see these amazing animals do awesome tricks!

If only we were all flies on the wall. This way we would get to see behind the scenes. These captive wild animals are forced to practise  uncomfortable and often painful acts. There are whips, scary noises, water and brooms used as threats of punishment if they do not perform what is expected of them.

Through the animals eyes you would see these tricks as confusing and forced. These lovely animals need someone to speak up for them.  So we joined a group of people in protest.  Although a silent demonstration, our banners were loud and clear.



My family and I were there on all three days of the protest and on every day more and more kids joined us.  I was happy to see that children were getting involved.  Sadly though, there were also lots a parents taking their kids to the circus. I also noticed that the parents were avoiding looking our way, yet their children look very interested in what we were saying.

My wish is that more parents will be open to these messages and teach their children FULL animal love!

Here’s two very short video’s where I’m NOT silent! This one and this one!



10 thoughts on “Animal circuses – fun or frightening?

  1. Well said! Let’s hope that lots of people see your very clear and well put message and learn from it. Your behaviour set a very good example and we adults can learn a lot from you. Thank you for this.

  2. It humbles me to realize that a group of caring people can really make a difference, as I’m sure your presence did. Seeds of awareness such as you planted are the first ingredients needed for change. I join the animals in saying a big thank you for your effort.

  3. Izzy that blog entry was incredible and meant a lot to me. Your protest’s are always defending animals everywhere and you are trying so hard to keep animals safe and comfortable in a friendly environment. You are a great example to everyone everywhere, you are a better example than some parents in this world. I wish I was there with you protesting against what is wrong but sadly I’m not. Keep on doing what right, love you and miss you. See you soon

    LOL Han

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