My English oral – ‘the man who inspires me and why!’

In English class we were asked to write about who inspires me and why, so cool!

Here’s the how and why from me.

I’m going to tell you about the person who inspires me, Davey du Plessis.

You might say, “hey that’s not a famous name, like a swimmer, actor or pop star, but that’s because he is new on the scene, having just written his first book, called ‘Choosing to Live’.


Davey has sure got a story to tell, being a South African adventurer!

This is the man who chose to go to the Amazon Jungle, all by himself, to mountain climb from the start of the Amazon River and kayak along it to where it ends at the sea.

His trip was supposed to take about 4 months but about 2 months into it, while on the river, he got shot and the attackers were ready to finish him off.

I’ll read a paragraph from his book, once he was shot 3 times already, and comes face to face with one of the attackers….

“The man just stared blankly at me as he continued slowly upriver. He looked at me as if I was nothing, staring straight through me as if I wasn’t even there.  It was a cold, cruel and sinister look due to the emptiness it portrayed. I was expecting some reaction but I received nothing but a hauntingly blank stare.  I had never seen such a lack of compassion or empathy in a human.  It was as if he denied my existence. It was a look that only someone who had lost all emotion, or someone who had perhaps killed before, could successfully pull off. There was no anger or malice in his stare, just a void, as though his brain had shut off the synaptic connection between sight and response, conscious, but hollow inside.  I could not understand his lack of empathy, or lack of response. “How can there just be nothing?” I thought.  He was acting as though I wasn’t even worthy of a wince, smirk or frown. Nothing.  I stopped pleading and just stared back at him, standing motionless in the shadows, watching him cruise calmly and nonchalantly pasted me as if I were just a rock and it were just another regular day for him on the Amazon River.”

And his story continues.

I think though, I have left the best part for last. This brave man, Davey du Plessis, who chose to live not die, is vegan.  Yes, he inspires me because he gives animals the same choice. To live, not die!



21 thoughts on “My English oral – ‘the man who inspires me and why!’

  1. Hi Isabelle,

    Your blog is so inspirational, well done and keep it up! It’s really moving to see a vegan your age actively raising awareness and informing people about animal cruelty as eloquently and warmly as you do

    Keep up the great work, I will definitely be following your blog!

    Ps. Davey is one of my biggest inspirations too:)

    Much love

  2. It is moments when I hear, read or see someone as kind, caring and compassionate as you that remind me how beautiful this world is! You give hope to so many through your actions. You have certainly inspired me and my family to be kinder people, kinder to each other and to all the animals. Thank you Isabelle, for being the positive change this world needs.

  3. Darling Tinkie – your love of all things living is what makes you so special and me so proud. Love you girlie. Dad

  4. Isabelle you write beautifully and your article was a pleasure to read. I look forward to reading more inspiring words!

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