Sweet temptations

For me as a kid, (and can I assume you too?) the temptation of sweets is huge! In fact when shopping with my Mom at Fruit & Veg I ran straight past the fresh stuff to get to the sweet section.  I was after watermelon, but some how it’s not the real watermelon that attracted my attention, but rather cute little watermelon shaped balls. I was prepared to pay for them myself – I wanted them!!


Yummy chemicals?

Hold on, first I had to check if they had gelatin in them. But I was in for a bigger surprise! There was a whole lot of ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce!!!  Where was the food in all this?


Bugs anyone?

Other than eating a whole lot of chemicals, us kids are eating a whole lot of bugs! Did you know that? I didn’t until I was looking up what our pretty pink cake decorations had in them.  Turns out there are boiled, steamed, or cooked, and then ground up beetles in these tempting little shinnies.


What, bugs in my food?! I learnt that cochineal beetles are commonly used in things that have a red colour, like some cool drinks lipsticks and many sweets. What you want to avoid on the ingredient list is: cochineal, carmine, carminic acid, crimson lake, natural red #40, or E120, because it’s all the same thing.


Like some bugs’ bodily fluid?

So Carmine is made from the insect body itself. There’s more – Shellac is something unappetising that also fills our stomachs.  It’s a sticky substance secreted by the female lac bug (this insect is in the same cochineal family). The insects suck the sap of the tree and excrete “stick-lac” onto the bark. People scrape this off the bark and made it into ‘food’.

Ordering skin & bones?

Why aren’t we more grossed out that our sweets are made out of skin and bones? Why is it okay that our mothers are buying this for us and that we are asking for it? I think it’s because we look at these beautiful, colourful and tempting sweets and forget what they really look like – skin & bones.


A fresher, juicer and kinder temptation

I now want to go straight to the fresh, mouth-watering watermelon! Or decorate our delicious cupcakes with fruit or vegan sprinkles and marshmallows. My pretty lipstick is from LUSH and The Body Shop. (That’s worth licking my lips for!)


Don’t get me wrong, I still love sweets and eat plenty of them, but I choose smartly, no bugs or skins for me!



24 thoughts on “Sweet temptations

  1. Good for you Tinkie – no bugs, slugs or animal excrement for me too…..you are a bright young lady and your light shines on me and others my love. Keep writing, you make sos much sense of what is just commonly and randomly see “normal”!

  2. I love this!
    Please keep the entries coming 🙂
    It’s so refreshing to see a smart and compassionate young girl blogging about things that matter!
    P.S: I love my sweets too and I ALWAYS read the bag religiously before purchasing.

  3. Such a wonderful and insightful article. I hope you inspire many other tweens to follow your loving and compassionate lifestyle. Well done!!

  4. Great blog Isabella!
    Very educative and thank you for sharing it with others.
    I love reading it 🙂 you are very talented.
    Please keep it up! And waiting for your next blog to come 🙂

  5. Love this blog! Love all your sharing and the way in which you are presenting information and helping people make choices. Keep on writing! We need you, the animals (and bugs) need you!

  6. Wow, I am quite impressed that you have created this blog, you are quite an intelligent young girl. Keep up the great work. When I was your age, I would read information, but I didn’t think to share it with everyone. Maybe it was the technology of that time. I was just becoming a vegetarian at 11, and then I was a lacto vegetarian, reading up on gelatine and stuff, I became a vegan after 16 years as a vegetarian. Its been 6 years now.

  7. Very well written and informative! I posted to my Facebook because I know Moms and Kids want to steer clear of chemicals and additives that are unhealthy. ~ Melisa in Montana

  8. A friend on FB directed me to this, and I absolutely love it! Keep making blogs like this! 🙂 I’ll be sure to check frequently.

    • Hi Stefanie,
      It is lovely to hear such support for my blog!
      Thank you, if you like you could follow my blog by e-mail!
      Just press the follow button and put in your address and they will come in your e-mail!

  9. Hi sissy I just love this blog oh and lovely ideas you have. You should write one every week. Good luck, love your sister!!!

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