My first visit to an animal sanctuary

Catskill Farm Sanctuary

I  haven’t blogged for so long because, how do I put my experience of such love and happiness into words?

Well, I’m going to give it a try.

Our first sighting of the green fields of Catskill Farm Sanctuary was breathtaking. I love the colour green and I love fields. I especially love knowing that contented animals are enjoying themselves, without limit or fear.

I was happy.

My sister and I raced down the twisting road that lead into the sunshine on the green fields. Our first sanctuary visit had begun.

running to CAS

We  were met by two inquisitive goats named Arthur and Stencil. To their delight we enjoyed the cool shade of a willow tree while pulling down the high branches for these hungry goats to eat the juicy green leaves.  To me goats seem similar to dogs. They are intelligent and have kind eyes. They also reminded me of our dog Trix, just as greedy for their food!

feeding Stencil at CAS

We all need to share our love, so we knelt down to Jailbird and Emmet, two huge cockerels who were patiently waiting at our feet. To our delight Erica, the Homestead manager, encouraged us to pick them up! With no objections from us, we scooped them up with great pleasure. It was then that my creative juices started flowing. I made up this video poem:

vegan whisperer

We then went inside the shady barn where the horses came in after 3 pm. We bonded with Bobby a blind horse, Mirage a horse with a hurt jaw and forgiving Noah who has learnt to trust humans again.


After much loved time it was the pigs turn. Moses, Ginger, the sweet potbellied Shy Girl, Miss Piggerty and all their friends are so kind and their intelligence shows.  Apparently pigs have the intelligence of a 5-year old child, that’s a lot. Even if they didn’t though, they are worth our respect and to live without being killed for their body flesh.  We hugged, snuggled and watched them as time flew by.

Moses and I


Miss Piggerty







We walked around the fields and the peaceful pond seeing all the chickens, cows, bunnies, sheep and ducks. When we got hungry we ate the ripe juicy fruits of a mulberry tree.

eating mulberries

Talking about food I must mention the breakfasts that Erica treated us to at their Homestead. The first morning we enjoyed pancakes with syrup and strawberries. The next morning we hungrily ate tasty scrambled tofu with veggies. On our last morning at the Sanctuary my sister and I helped make our family some waffles.

made a waffle

Then it was time to head off to say goodbye to our new friends, but I’m sure it’s not forever.








10 thoughts on “My first visit to an animal sanctuary

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience! I will be visiting that same sanctuary in a few weeks and now, I’m even more excited about it! Keep up the wonderful work — you are a shining example of how bright our future can be!! 🙂

  2. What a beautiful blog! I am a new follower, xoxo! It was such a pleasure meeting you and your amazing family at CAS last summer! C
    Come visit us again soon!

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