A piece of peace, and lotta fun!

Horses at Peace of EdenI’ve discovered a whole nature land in my back yard. Well, 20 minutes from my Knysna backyard that is!

It’s called Peace of Eden and we were there for the weekend to celebrate my sister’s birthday. We arrived after sun set and were met by Howard who took us to our little cottage along a dimly lit forest path. He started a crackling fire for us while his lovely wife Jen cooked us a delicious vegan meal. Gwendalyn's Glade

Garnished with herbs and a swirl of cream, the tomato soup was my favourite! After a plate of creamed spinach, butternut cupped phyllo pastries we were ready to curl up in bed.

The morning met us with monkeys on the roof, birds singing in the dew-topped trees and a hot breakfast of omelettes, mushrooms, muffins and homemade butter. We quickly got dressed to discover forest paths, rescued horses, silver ferns and a swing.

PondWalking amongst the foliage we reached a tinkling stream, hopping from stone to stone to cross it. We came to a little pond filled with lilies. Here I feel really connected with nature, as if I am part of it. This fills me with joy and I feel so happy to have found Jen, Howard and a Peace of Eden.

Hope to come here for my birthday! (Check out what my sister’s party was like at my Mom’s blog here!)


8 thoughts on “A piece of peace, and lotta fun!

  1. Looks like a beautiful place, Eden indeed.
    However, I hope the cream, cream, pastries, butter and omeletts were vegan … otherwise it was just a vegetarian dinner/breakfeast!

  2. That was really a wonderful weekend, wasn’t it! I so look forward to your birthday next month too, and more delicious vegan food.

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