My first crib note!

vegan whispererBefore I tell you about my crib note – guess what? “I’m a teenager now, so my tagline changes, “A VEGAN TWEEN TEEN WHO ENCOURAGES COMPASSION BY GENTLE EXAMPLE”.  I started my blog at 11, and I am so pleased to have you join me on this journey! 🐾

It seems many of you enjoyed reading about my sister’s party, and then knew that I wanted my 13th party there too. So this is where my crib note comes in….

Because I started exams today, instead of writing my own blog about my FUN party, I’m going to let you read all about it on my Mom’s blog post, HERE!

My 13th party


4 thoughts on “My first crib note!

  1. And what a party it was! Thanks for being YOU! (No more crib notes, Mom is watching! 😀)

  2. Congratulations on becoming the caring, wonderful teenager you are. I look forward to many more years of following your posts!

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