My top 6 vegan fashion items

When you’re a teen and want to convey quiet activism WITH style this proves that you don’t just have to go for your standard slogan tees!

Here are my top 6 subtle activism fashion finds:

1.) Not only is this tee chic, it has a great story behind it too! While in America we made the clothing shop Vaute a definite go-to. With the two awesome ladies and all the beautiful dresses we had a fun time AND I got this fab top!








2.) I am loving this easy to wear jersey (sweatshirt) with the adorable design of Esther The Wonder Pig and his bestie dog friend (BDF) Shelby (the dog) also conveys a quiet activism message, as, we love them both equally, and, if you look closer there is an arrow saying ‘friends not food’. Love it!

Esther At Vaute








3.)This chilled and yet powerful tank top from Moo Shoes is my favourite! I am a huge believer in setting all sea animals,like orcas in this case, free!

Orca top








4.) This tee has a beautiful cow’s face on it. Just the cow’s face is hopeful enough to convey the message yet it has a few heart touching words too; almost surely spoken from the cow itself: “someone, not something.”  I bought this from the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Someone Not Something








4.)This cheeky and fierce bag from Gunas is rocking it!








6.) At Farm Sanctuary SA, I got this pink long top and my sister got the grey. I love the flying cow on this top because I imagine he is flying out of the slaughter house and is soon to be free! As he flies he says, “thanks vegans!” 🙂

Farm Sanctuary SA


2 thoughts on “My top 6 vegan fashion items

  1. Love these Tee’s! I also like ones that have a design on them rather than just a slogan! Love your blog! I’ve just written my first blogpost about staying an a farm animal sanctuary in Australia for a month, it’s nice to read blogs from people who are vegan and love animals too! Amy x

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