Vegan Sisters' Series

The ‘New’ Vegan Teen On The Block

Hello Friends,

I love connecting with vegans, whether they’re teens, tots or adults!  How about you?

We have so much to do to make our world a better place. So whether we quietly live by our vegan ethics or outwardly encourage others to see the many benefits – it’s all needed!

I’ve teamed up with my younger teen sister, Lilly, on her YouTube channel, Lillycution.

Check out this ‘Vegan Sister Series’ video we made for you about ‘Our Vegan Stories’ and a Q&A all about Protein!

Want to make the ‘Best Citrus Smoothie Ever’? Watch the video of Kris Carr’s recipe!

Lilly is also into making a series of vidoes on minimalism, and I’ve joined her for ‘Teen Sisters’ Minimising’ video and Inheriting Clothes and What To Keep video!

I hope you enjoy these videos and I’d love to encourage you to subscribe to Lillycution for regular weekly episodes!

She’s rocking it!


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