vegan whisperer
South Africa

Bio: Hi, I'm a South African who starting blogging about my vegan lifestyle choices when I was 11 years-old. First a tween, now a teen at 14! I've lived in the middle east for 5 years before returning to SA. I haven't met many young vegans, so this will hopefully connect me with others. Since birth my parents have called me 'Nature's Child' because I feel most at peace around plants and animals, especially with my animal companions. I love all animals and that's why being vegan is so right for me.

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  1. We might be years apart (I’m turning 30 this year) but I have to tell you that I thoroughly enjoying stumbling upon your blog!
    I have been in CT for 2 year now and am vegetarian with vegan tendencies and of late have had a real urge to ‘cross over to the vegan side’. I found your blog insightful and a pleasure to read. Honest and informative.

    You have been an encouragement to me today,

    Karina Lindsey

  2. I just found your blog and its really cool I am 16, I live in the United States and I have been vegetarian for 9 years but I just became vegan. I look forward to reading your post and finding out more about being vegan

    • Hello Michael,
      I watched your video and it was great. Well done for standing up for those animals.
      You are changing their lives for the better with every person who joins,and is in your circus protest. I am so sorry you are getting sued for saving lives. Is there any way me and my family can help? Is there any way that we could follow the case? Please let me know. Thank you very much. You are making a difference in many lives. Thank you.

  3. MoOo dear Vegan Whisperer. I stumbled upon you while looking for an animal whisperer for my son’s birthday party – but the person had to be vegan – so google put it all together for me. But now I am completely excited about meeting you. We have a Facebook group called https://www.facebook.com/groups/friendamoo/ or Friend a Moo. MooMoo is our Bovine Boss 😉 and we just wrote a children’s story on MooMoo’s life (still looking for an illustrator). A gentle book showing MoOos on the inside, so people can love them on the outside too! We also do workshops on Whole Food Plant Based and Personal Empowerment helping people to make better food choices and live more meaningful lives! You can check us out on Facebook first but please contact us; Personal message me or my partner Marina Moo. Also check out our camp we will have the beginning of May with MooMoo, Bambi and Houdini, the Three MoOosketeers. We are in Western Cape. Our Moo also featured in the documentary Normal is Over – He’s the happy one in the kitchen looking for a carrot.

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