Vegan Sisters' Series

The ‘New’ Vegan Teen On The Block

Hello Friends,

I love connecting with vegans, whether they’re teens, tots or adults!  How about you?

We have so much to do to make our world a better place. So whether we quietly live by our vegan ethics or outwardly encourage others to see the many benefits – it’s all needed!

I’ve teamed up with my younger teen sister, Lilly, on her YouTube channel, Lillycution.

Check out this ‘Vegan Sister Series’ video we made for you about ‘Our Vegan Stories’ and a Q&A all about Protein!

Want to make the ‘Best Citrus Smoothie Ever’? Watch the video of Kris Carr’s recipe!

Lilly is also into making a series of vidoes on minimalism, and I’ve joined her for ‘Teen Sisters’ Minimising’ video and Inheriting Clothes and What To Keep video!

I hope you enjoy these videos and I’d love to encourage you to subscribe to Lillycution for regular weekly episodes!

She’s rocking it!


My top 6 vegan fashion items

When you’re a teen and want to convey quiet activism WITH style this proves that you don’t just have to go for your standard slogan tees!

Here are my top 6 subtle activism fashion finds:

1.) Not only is this tee chic, it has a great story behind it too! While in America we made the clothing shop Vaute a definite go-to. With the two awesome ladies and all the beautiful dresses we had a fun time AND I got this fab top!








2.) I am loving this easy to wear jersey (sweatshirt) with the adorable design of Esther The Wonder Pig and his bestie dog friend (BDF) Shelby (the dog) also conveys a quiet activism message, as, we love them both equally, and, if you look closer there is an arrow saying ‘friends not food’. Love it!

Esther At Vaute








3.)This chilled and yet powerful tank top from Moo Shoes is my favourite! I am a huge believer in setting all sea animals,like orcas in this case, free!

Orca top








4.) This tee has a beautiful cow’s face on it. Just the cow’s face is hopeful enough to convey the message yet it has a few heart touching words too; almost surely spoken from the cow itself: “someone, not something.”  I bought this from the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Someone Not Something








4.)This cheeky and fierce bag from Gunas is rocking it!








6.) At Farm Sanctuary SA, I got this pink long top and my sister got the grey. I love the flying cow on this top because I imagine he is flying out of the slaughter house and is soon to be free! As he flies he says, “thanks vegans!” 🙂

Farm Sanctuary SA

The One and Only Ivan, book review

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

I am a HUGE book lover! However I also love to listen to audiobooks. So after listening to the whole Harry Potter series, we were on the hunt for another audio book for our daily car rides. That is when we found The One and Only Ivan.

The One and Only IvanYou get to love Ivan the gorilla, as he tells you his story of friendship, struggles and the inner world of he and his animal friends. You see, Ivan knows no more than a cage in The Big Top Mall and Video Arcade as his home, with a TV for entertainment.

It sounds too sad to listen to, but trust me it’s more about friendship, hope and creating a better future. I recommend this for kids 8 years and older, and by the way my Mom loved it too!

My first crib note!

vegan whispererBefore I tell you about my crib note – guess what? “I’m a teenager now, so my tagline changes, “A VEGAN TWEEN TEEN WHO ENCOURAGES COMPASSION BY GENTLE EXAMPLE”.  I started my blog at 11, and I am so pleased to have you join me on this journey! 🐾

It seems many of you enjoyed reading about my sister’s party, and then knew that I wanted my 13th party there too. So this is where my crib note comes in….

Because I started exams today, instead of writing my own blog about my FUN party, I’m going to let you read all about it on my Mom’s blog post, HERE!

My 13th party

Sweet temptations

For me as a kid, (and can I assume you too?) the temptation of sweets is huge! In fact when shopping with my Mom at Fruit & Veg I ran straight past the fresh stuff to get to the sweet section.  I was after watermelon, but some how it’s not the real watermelon that attracted my attention, but rather cute little watermelon shaped balls. I was prepared to pay for them myself – I wanted them!!


Yummy chemicals?

Hold on, first I had to check if they had gelatin in them. But I was in for a bigger surprise! There was a whole lot of ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce!!!  Where was the food in all this?


Bugs anyone?

Other than eating a whole lot of chemicals, us kids are eating a whole lot of bugs! Did you know that? I didn’t until I was looking up what our pretty pink cake decorations had in them.  Turns out there are boiled, steamed, or cooked, and then ground up beetles in these tempting little shinnies.


What, bugs in my food?! I learnt that cochineal beetles are commonly used in things that have a red colour, like some cool drinks lipsticks and many sweets. What you want to avoid on the ingredient list is: cochineal, carmine, carminic acid, crimson lake, natural red #40, or E120, because it’s all the same thing.


Like some bugs’ bodily fluid?

So Carmine is made from the insect body itself. There’s more – Shellac is something unappetising that also fills our stomachs.  It’s a sticky substance secreted by the female lac bug (this insect is in the same cochineal family). The insects suck the sap of the tree and excrete “stick-lac” onto the bark. People scrape this off the bark and made it into ‘food’.

Ordering skin & bones?

Why aren’t we more grossed out that our sweets are made out of skin and bones? Why is it okay that our mothers are buying this for us and that we are asking for it? I think it’s because we look at these beautiful, colourful and tempting sweets and forget what they really look like – skin & bones.


A fresher, juicer and kinder temptation

I now want to go straight to the fresh, mouth-watering watermelon! Or decorate our delicious cupcakes with fruit or vegan sprinkles and marshmallows. My pretty lipstick is from LUSH and The Body Shop. (That’s worth licking my lips for!)


Don’t get me wrong, I still love sweets and eat plenty of them, but I choose smartly, no bugs or skins for me!


My English oral – ‘the man who inspires me and why!’

In English class we were asked to write about who inspires me and why, so cool!

Here’s the how and why from me.

I’m going to tell you about the person who inspires me, Davey du Plessis.

You might say, “hey that’s not a famous name, like a swimmer, actor or pop star, but that’s because he is new on the scene, having just written his first book, called ‘Choosing to Live’.


Davey has sure got a story to tell, being a South African adventurer!

This is the man who chose to go to the Amazon Jungle, all by himself, to mountain climb from the start of the Amazon River and kayak along it to where it ends at the sea.

His trip was supposed to take about 4 months but about 2 months into it, while on the river, he got shot and the attackers were ready to finish him off.

I’ll read a paragraph from his book, once he was shot 3 times already, and comes face to face with one of the attackers….

“The man just stared blankly at me as he continued slowly upriver. He looked at me as if I was nothing, staring straight through me as if I wasn’t even there.  It was a cold, cruel and sinister look due to the emptiness it portrayed. I was expecting some reaction but I received nothing but a hauntingly blank stare.  I had never seen such a lack of compassion or empathy in a human.  It was as if he denied my existence. It was a look that only someone who had lost all emotion, or someone who had perhaps killed before, could successfully pull off. There was no anger or malice in his stare, just a void, as though his brain had shut off the synaptic connection between sight and response, conscious, but hollow inside.  I could not understand his lack of empathy, or lack of response. “How can there just be nothing?” I thought.  He was acting as though I wasn’t even worthy of a wince, smirk or frown. Nothing.  I stopped pleading and just stared back at him, standing motionless in the shadows, watching him cruise calmly and nonchalantly pasted me as if I were just a rock and it were just another regular day for him on the Amazon River.”

And his story continues.

I think though, I have left the best part for last. This brave man, Davey du Plessis, who chose to live not die, is vegan.  Yes, he inspires me because he gives animals the same choice. To live, not die!


Animal circuses – fun or frightening?

We all love animals, right?

That’s why we go to circuses, to see these amazing animals do awesome tricks!

If only we were all flies on the wall. This way we would get to see behind the scenes. These captive wild animals are forced to practise  uncomfortable and often painful acts. There are whips, scary noises, water and brooms used as threats of punishment if they do not perform what is expected of them.

Through the animals eyes you would see these tricks as confusing and forced. These lovely animals need someone to speak up for them.  So we joined a group of people in protest.  Although a silent demonstration, our banners were loud and clear.



My family and I were there on all three days of the protest and on every day more and more kids joined us.  I was happy to see that children were getting involved.  Sadly though, there were also lots a parents taking their kids to the circus. I also noticed that the parents were avoiding looking our way, yet their children look very interested in what we were saying.

My wish is that more parents will be open to these messages and teach their children FULL animal love!

Here’s two very short video’s where I’m NOT silent! This one and this one!


My first public protest

I’ve always felt such sadness for the dogs on the streets.  Especially in Qatar, my old home, and Turkey, on a recent holiday.  When I moved to Knysna, (Western Cape South Africa), I hadn’t seen dogs on the street, so I thought life for dogs was a lot better here.  Then we got an email from our local animal welfare society asking us to attend a dog fighting protest.

What, dog fighting?

First I felt a bit like protesting might be an aggressive action, but I was torn because I wanted to do something for these dogs.  I distracted myself by making a great big, meaningful poster.   Mom assured us that there was two types of protests, a badly-vibed one and a peaceful one.


Our friend Elaine who works with Knysna Animal Welfare Society (KAWS) is such a big-hearted person that I knew this would be a friendly protest.

On the first morning of the protest there was a big crowd and our national television cameras were there.  I felt lively and united with all the other caring, like-minded people.  In my soul it felt like I was doing just what was right for me! Unfortunately the trial was postponed until the next day, and while we all came back the TV crew didn’t as Nelson Mandela sadly passed away the night before.

What I found so cool was a T-shirt worn by a big-chested, big-hearted lady that read, “Real Men Fight Crime Not Dogs!”

Here’s a video (caution – graphic content!) on this particular dog fighting group of people who call themselves ‘DOGMEN’. I think it’s horrifying how these humans can just stand there and watch dogs kill each other.  I couldn’t believe that these cruel people are actually professionals and maybe even fathers!

In 2014 I hope to participate in more activities that bring awareness to animal welfare and really protect these kind and loving animals.