My school visit to a bee farm

I know some vegans eat honey but I just don’t. I just would rather eat sweet, sticky syrup.

I felt uncertain about going to a bee farm. At first I thought I wouldn’t go. Then I though why not, I could find out a bit about how they treat the bees and share it with you guys on my blog.


Through my Mom’s vegan friends we found 10 questions that would help me get an idea of what’s going on at a bee farm. Here are the questions and answers.

  1. Me: When do you harvest the honey? Her: When the bees have enough and the hive is overflowing, during summer, spring and autumn.
  2. Me: What replacement food do the bees get over harvesting times? Her: Fynbos.
  3. Me: Do your bees get moved to fields for pollination? Her: No! We would never do that it makes them very sick.
  4. Me: How do you protect and care for your bees?  Her: We rescue them from domestic homes and other places they could threaten people and put them into a safer environment. 
  5. Me: How many bees do you lose each season? Her: They all die each season.
  6. Me: Why do they die? Her: They work until their wings can’t work anymore and they are so tired and worn out.
  7. Me: What is the bees lifespan? Her: In summer they live up to 28 days and in winter they live up to as long as 3 months.
  8. Me: What happens to the queen bees? Her: They leave the hive once she has had a lot of babies.
  9. Me: Why did you become a bee keeper? Her: We had hives near our vegetable patch to pollinate the plants and then we fell in love with their personalities and wanted to help them. (I don’t get how keeping them helps them)
  10. Me: How will this bee farm help to look after the local bee pollution? Her: Schools coming here to learn how important they (bees) are brings awareness to their importance.

I’m glad I went because I learnt a lot and got a feel for what happens on this small-scale bee farm. I still feel assured that I will not eat honey and will stick with the sweet, sticky syrup. This type of bee keeping farm would perhaps suit vegans who still choose to eat honey.

Thanks to Victoria Moran for suggesting these two movies, which I plan to watch Queen of the Sun and Disappearance of the Bees