My first public protest

I’ve always felt such sadness for the dogs on the streets.  Especially in Qatar, my old home, and Turkey, on a recent holiday.  When I moved to Knysna, (Western Cape South Africa), I hadn’t seen dogs on the street, so I thought life for dogs was a lot better here.  Then we got an email from our local animal welfare society asking us to attend a dog fighting protest.

What, dog fighting?

First I felt a bit like protesting might be an aggressive action, but I was torn because I wanted to do something for these dogs.  I distracted myself by making a great big, meaningful poster.   Mom assured us that there was two types of protests, a badly-vibed one and a peaceful one.


Our friend Elaine who works with Knysna Animal Welfare Society (KAWS) is such a big-hearted person that I knew this would be a friendly protest.

On the first morning of the protest there was a big crowd and our national television cameras were there.  I felt lively and united with all the other caring, like-minded people.  In my soul it felt like I was doing just what was right for me! Unfortunately the trial was postponed until the next day, and while we all came back the TV crew didn’t as Nelson Mandela sadly passed away the night before.

What I found so cool was a T-shirt worn by a big-chested, big-hearted lady that read, “Real Men Fight Crime Not Dogs!”

Here’s a video (caution – graphic content!) on this particular dog fighting group of people who call themselves ‘DOGMEN’. I think it’s horrifying how these humans can just stand there and watch dogs kill each other.  I couldn’t believe that these cruel people are actually professionals and maybe even fathers!

In 2014 I hope to participate in more activities that bring awareness to animal welfare and really protect these kind and loving animals.